Upcycled Headboard Inspiration

Up – cy – cle (verb): to reuse discarded objects or materials in such a way to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

At Midtown, we are all about upcycling! We love to take old pieces and breath new life in to them. One of our favorite items to upcycle are old headboards. They provide the perfect blank canvas for a variety of projects.

These are some of our favorite ideas…

Coat Rack: a stylish place to hang your hat

This would be a quick project to create. Simply give your headboard a nice coat of paint (if needed) and add some decorative knobs/hooks.

Not So Traditional Porch Decor

Want to make your porch be the talk of the neighborhood? This sign is definitely one way to do it. What a unique way to display your house number!

Headboard & Footboard Bench

This is a beautiful statement piece. We love that they incorporated both the headboard and footboard, nothing went to waste here!

Decorative Shelf

The features of this headboard really stand out as it hangs on the wall. This could be easily created by simply adding some boards to act as shelves. A great place to display a collection or serve as a functional piece in a busy kitchen area.

Here’s a great idea one of our very own Midtown vendors came up with…they used this footboard to create a sign for their booth. We LOVE it!

I hope we’ve given you some inspiration to get out and start a DIY project. Stop by Midtown, we get new items in every day that would be perfect for your next upcycled project.

Happy creating and don’t forget to live vintagy & fabulous!

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