For the LOVE of Junk: Old Windows & Doors

“We don’t mind if it’s chippy & old. Don’t care if it’s weathered, rusty, or worn. We LOVE the story behind it, the history within it and the patina on it!”

I ran across the quote above on Pinterest the other day and it got me thinking…the pieces I love the most in my home, I didn’t actually buy “new.” They are the ones that were repurposed and created from “junk.” One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – Oh how true that is! My favorite thing about Midtown Eclectic Mall is the fact that we have over 50 vendors, many who are local artisans. They work to bring you great pieces that are repurposed and can be treasured. As I was walking through Midtown this week, I was drawn to all of the amazing ways you can repurpose old windows and doors.

These doors were probably headed to the junkyard, but instead our vendors chose to bring them back to life with a little paint and ingenuity. Either one of these pieces would look great in an entryway. A place to hang your coat and drop the mail.

Both vendors above used old doors to add a decorative element. As you enter “The Rusty Paintbrush” booth, you’ll notice a door above that resembles an arbor. This would be a great idea for a patio area or a garden. In the picture on the right, “The Little Bird Said…” used a door as a divider. This would also work for an area inside your home where you don’t have the space for a door to open, but still want the division of space. Make it stationary and it serves the purpose of separation and decoration.

A friend of Midtown, sent us this awesome photo of a headboard and footboard that they created using a pair of old doors. What character and charm this piece has!

Add some lace, burlap, or fabric to an old window pane and you have instant wall decor. The great thing about this idea is that a quick change of fabric is cheap and easy!

Vinyl is also a great way to accent an old window pane. You can either cut the vinyl yourself using a personal cutting machine (such as Cricut or Silhouette) or purchase a vinyl image. It’s simple to put on and even simpler to change.

This is a such a neat piece. A window pane was used as a door for this handmade storage cabinet, that way you can see all the pretties you store inside!

Ready to start a project using an old window or door? We have plenty in stock, come see us!

Have a great weekend, hope it’s vintagy & fabulous. ♥

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