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Hi, we're Kristin and Nate Pianalto of skiddiwompus. Both my Husband and I are locals. My husband was born and raised in Springdale and I moved to Rogers when I was 5 (so this is pretty much all I know). We met when we were 16, were best friends for years and fell in love. We have been together for 13 years, and when asked how long we have been married we can never remember. We are opposite in everyway possible so we make a great team as long as we do what we are good at and don't boss the other. Ha! He is a Captain at the Springdale Fire Department and is a real live Superman! I have a background in Customer Service, Skincare (I am an Esthetician) and Retail Management. Growing up my parents always nurtured any creative interests their children had, including music, painting, drawing and woodworking. Both of us grew up in DIY families and we became big DIYers. So creating and problem solving along with some elbow grease became a natural way to start a business that would support our family's lifestyle and goals.

Skiddiwompus was created after the birth of our first child, almost 6 years ago. I dreamed of flexibility, family and creativity. Before I was able to get it off the ground, my career outside the home took off and my dreams were set aside to be able to help financially support our growing family. After the birth of our third baby (just last year) I was able to "right size" my job to be with my littles. This allowed me to once again embrace the opportunity to create and share the season of life my family is enjoying. We are now expecting our fourth sweet child and I am truly grateful to be able to do what I love and be with those that I love most. My husband and I work on almost every piece together, from furniture to frames. It is definitely a family affair, our children help in anyway they can. They go to thrift stores, fabric stores, flea markets, garage sales and always have an opinion on what they find interesting and what they think we should sell. They paint, hammer, sand and scrub. They want to be where we are and we love being able to do this with them. I had originally started skiddiwompus on my own, as a way to supplement our income, and my husband was drafted (this was not his first choice in how to spend his free time). However, once it started really taking off, we now are equal partners in the business as in everything else in our lives.

Skiddiwompus was chosen as my business name as a tribute to family. It is a word my grandfather used to describe something that was askew or a little off. My grandfather passed before I was born and I learned the word and usage from my mom. I asked her if it was something I could use as my business name because I loved the idea of imperfection...and it is really fun to say!

Home enthusiasm plays a huge role in the products we create along with filling a need in our own life or the lives of those around us. For example, when I needed a way to organize what was going on in everyone's busy lives, I upcycled a vintage frame into a bulletin board for our kitchen. This kicked off a surge in making bulletin boards. Then I fell in love with chalkboards and upcycled vintage frames into chalkboards. I keep a huge chalkboard in our kitchen with a motivational quote that helps remind me what I need to do to keep going in life and business...hence the many chalkboards in our booth! I am currently feeling the need for storage in my life and so we are really enjoying rehabbing large pieces of furniture that offer style and organization/storage. We really try and stick to home goods and furniture we would use ourselves.

I love contrast, textures and character. I love transformation and a good redemption story. This plays a huge role in rehabbing and upcycling goods. I believe in integrity, passion, innovation and inspiration. My style is a twist on the modern with a vintage feel. Almost shabby but with a touch of funk. I love each and every piece we make and truly hope those who find a piece that resonates with them will enjoy it for years to come.

We chose Midtown because we felt their retail concept mirrored ours. Quality, standards, cleanliness and being the absolute best you can offer is what really drew us in. The first time we explored Midtown my husband said, "It looks like Pintrest in here." We love being a part of so many like-minded creative people that offer what they love. Debbie and her staff are always there to help both their external and internal clients and have done a wonderful job creating an environment that a business like mine can flourish in. I will always be grateful for that opportunity!

Midtown is proud to have skiddiwompus as part of our amazing family of vendors. Kristin & Nate are giving away a $100 gift certificate to one lucky winner, good towards the purchase of skiddiwompus goods from their booth.

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{Deadline to enter is Sat., March 12th, 2016. Winner announced Mon., March 14th, 2016.}

It's a perfect day for getting out and exploring your town. Come and see us at Midtown Mall.

Hope your weekend is vintagy & fabulous!

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