Marrying Vintage & Modern with "The Blend"

Midtown Mall is home to 40-50 vendors at any given time, each with their own unique style and offering. We offer an eclectic blend of handmade, vintage, upcycled and modern all under one roof. No matter your style, there is something for everyone at Midtown.

We believe opposites do attract. Throw out the idea of "matchy-matchy" and say hello to "blended beauty!" Decorating your home with different styles can be fun & fashionable. Angela of "The Blend" offers a contemporary mix of modern and vintage, beautiful home decor with an eclectic blend of old and new.

Your home should reflect your personality. Be surrounded by what you love! Home decor doesn't have to follow strict guidelines. There is no right or wrong way.

"Collect things you love, that are authentic to you and your house becomes your story."

When you mix different shapes and styles, you add visual interest to a room. The combination of contrasting elements create a unique look. For example, this lamp was paired with this vintage tool carrier. A variety of textures/styles create diversity within a space.

Statement pieces are also a great way to make a presence in a room. When they are paired with unlikely items, they stand out. This cream or houndstooth ottoman would be beautiful opposite a vintage coach or chair making more of a statment than the ottoman you could have purchased to match the coach or chair at the furniture store.

Wall art is a quick way to blend vintage and modern. The Blend takes vintage prints and puts them in to modern frames, creating a one-of-a-kind look. Use abstract art to compliment classic furniture (like the painting in the picture above).

You can also make traditional look more modern by adding a coat of paint to a piece of furniture, just as Angela did with this desk and chair.

Pair this glass pedestal table with a vintage lamp...

...or this classic wood table with a modern lamp.

Using "found objects" is a great way to add richness and depth to any modern furniture piece. A well-decorated room should look as if it were collected over time and not shipped straight from a showroom floor.

Just as in life, balance is the key to success in decorating when blending vintage and modern. Try the 80/20 rule. Make sure 80% of your home is unified by the same design style and deviate with the other 20%. This helps to create balance and prevents the "hodge-podge" look.

Blending styles is appealing to many because it provides a dynamic canvas for evolving taste and trends. Midtown loves The Blend and the inspiration it offers. Haven't shopped with us in awhile? We'd love to see you.

Hope your Saturday is vintagy & fabulous!

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