Vendor Spotlight: Blue Eyed Owls

My name is Margie Ehrhardt, and I am the owner/creator of Blue-Eyed Owls. My husband and I live in Springdale with our four daughters. I moved up to go to college at the UofA and haven’t left since.

My husband owns his own business and I stay home with our girls. Between school, sports and dance, they definitely keep me busy! I also teach group exercise classes at the Fayetteville Athletic Club.

I started upcycling furniture about 4 years ago. I had been doing so off and on at home for a few years prior to that but took the leap when I started consigning items at a local store. Doing this gives me an outlet and also a little “me” time. I deal mostly in painted furniture; I enjoy seeing how something “old” can become “new” again. I’m not an artist or an overly creative person by nature, but doing this gives me the opportunity to try new things and to test my own skills. It’s definitely a learning process with each and every project! It’s fun to see what I can do the same, what I can change and what I can improve upon each time.

I came up with the name “Blue-Eyed Owls” with the help of my older two girls. All six of us in our family have blue eyes, so that part was easy. The “owls” came from the girls; it’s fitting, I think, because it’s a simple, easy-to-remember name that gives me flexibility in what I do/create. I feel like the name itself doesn’t limit the items I choose to create or redo; instead, it draws people in with curiosity and wonder.

I first got a booth at Midtown about 2 months after they opened. I wasn’t looking for a new place to sell at that point necessarily, but I felt the nudge to stop and ask about space.

I’ve been a seller and consigner at different places, but Midtown is far and above the greatest place I’ve been. Between the great staff and owner, the constant feedback and encouragement and the love they show me and my girls, I couldn’t ask for a better place to be! I truly believe that Debbie and the rest of the staff care about us as vendors and want us to succeed. I’m thankful to have a hobby like this to do and to have a place like Midtown to do it at!

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